Demon Killer 48pcs 8 in 1 Kanthal Prebuilt Coils

8 in 1 prebuilt heating wire
Material: Kanthal
Resistance: 0.85ohm / 0.36ohm / 0.45ohm / 0.5ohm
8 types of resistance wire
6pcs wires per type
5mm diameter
48pcs wires per box
Perfect for e cigarette DIY

The box including:
6pcs 0.36ohm Quad coil
6pcs 0.36ohm Flat Twisted coil
6pcs 0.36ohm Tiger coil 
6pcs 0.45ohm Fused Clapton coil
6pcs 0.45ohm Mix Twisted coil
6pcs 0.45ohm Alien Clapton coil
6pcs 0.85ohm Clapton coil
6pcs 0.5ohm Hive coil

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In stock