EM Cleaner Mod Full Set

After the success of the 24mm Clean Mod, Endless have launched the 25mm Cleaner mod, with the inclusion of a Endless Stack ‘EM, giving you the option of running the mod with one or two batteries.


Availablity: Out of stock



Product Description:

The Cleaner Mod uses the same button type as the V2 sleeve mod, with a short throw and the signature Endless switch lock that doubles as an external fire button.

The Mods and Stack ‘EMs are deeply engraved with the EM Cleaner and Stack EM logos respectively and matching serial numbers that line up when used together.

Also included is the 25mm RDA, with either the V2s or 2×2 deck option, Brass Slam ‘EM cap and a bag of spare parts comprising of 1 screwdriver, 1 Flat Head screw and spare O rings.


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Furthermore, I am aware of the necessity for advanced vaping experience, safe and accurate coil building, knowledge of Ohm’s Law, safe handling of rechargeable lithium ion batteries and safe operation of an unregulated mod prior to purchase and use of said device.

In addition, I specifically understand the vital importance of: coil building within the amp limits of a certain lithium ion battery, using an atomiser with a prominently protruding centre pin at the “510” connection when used in conjunction with a “hybrid” direct-to-battery connection and ensuring that the vaping device cannot operate unintentionally.

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