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Fog Clown E-Liquid

The Fog Clown is a Malaysian e-liquid brand that’s been going from strength to strength over recent years. The team specialise in the production of delightfully delicious e-liquids that should be right up for your street if you require something fruity yet distinctive. We have been receiving a growing number of enquiries about The Fog Clown e-liquid recently.

The brand’s e-liquids normally come in 50ml shortfill bottles, allowing you to add nic shots or simply go nicotine-free if you wish. As these Fog Clown e-juice products tend to have VG ratios of 70%, you should feel very well catered for if you’re a cloud chaser or sub-ohm vaper.

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At Next Day Vapes, we live up to our name by ensuring you get your Fog Clown e-liquid and other products the very next day if you place your order before 2pm on a weekday. We offer some of the most competitive prices for The Fog Clown e-liquid on the market, so why not browse our extensive range today?

The Fog Clown FAQs

Q) The Fog Clown sounds like the right kind of vape juice brand for me. What are some of their most popular e-liquids from Fog Clown?

The Fog Clown offer a diverse range of distinctive fruity flavours. Take a look at some of the biggest selling Fog Clown e-juice products right now.

  • Barmon E-liquid from The Fog Clown

Barmon offers a fantastic fusion of sweet lychee and cool blackcurrants that will provide you with invigorating fruity blasts of vape all day long.

  • Energy Series Original from The Fog Clown

More and more discerning vapers are shopping for e-liquids that replicate the taste of their favourite energy drink. If this sounds like you, Energy Series Original could be ideal for your needs.

  • Sajos from The Fog Clown

Sajos delivers an exotic blend of strawberry and kiwi notes. Enjoy the taste of summer all year long with this powerful mouth-watering Fog Clown e-liquid.

  • Raspos Raspberry Ripple from The Fog Clown

Dessert vapes have become increasingly popular over recent years. If you require a sumptuous blast of raspberry ice cream flavours that could reduce your visits to the freezer, Raspos could be for you.

  • Pinkos from The Fog Clown

Enjoy a simply magnificent mix of lemons, mixed berries, and sodas by investing in The Fog Clown’s Pinko’s e-juice. Tastes great not only in the summer but the colder months of the year too.

Q) These products are particularly suitable for sub-ohm vaping. What exactly is sub-ohm vaping?

Sub-ohm vaping is a kind of vaping that delivers gigantic vape clouds and intense flavour. Sub-ohm devices match low resistance coils with high wattage batteries. We offer a wide variety of sub-ohm devices at Next Day Vapes.

Q) What are the benefits of high VG e-liquids?

Vegetable glycerin is a product that’s found in most liquids. The Fog Clown’s e-juices have a high concentration of VG. High VG e-liquids are ideal for sweet flavours like dessert vapes such as the ones manufactured by The Fog Clown. VG also enables you to vape vast clouds.

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