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Empire Brew E-Liquid

If you’re looking for exotic vape juices that come complete with icy blasts of menthol, Empire Brew e-liquid could be ideal for you. Empire Brew is a growing Malaysian company that’s catering for a growing global audience. The company specialises in vape flavours based on the most delicious fruit ingredients, pairing them with touches of ice for invigorating hits.

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If the chiller ingredient isn’t for you, there is no need to feel left out. This is because the chiller is separated from the main juice but including in the package if you do wish to add it. Next Day Vapes are proud to be one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Empire Brew e-liquid, and there are scores of options for you to choose from. If you order your Empire Brew e-juice before 3pm on a weekday, you can even get it delivered to your door the very next day.

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Common Questions about Empire Brew.

What are the most popular Empire Brew e-liquids?

  • Empire Brew Mango Blackcurrant

As mouth-watering as the name would suggest, Empire Brew Mango Blackcurrant offers the perfect balance between the sweet and the smooth. Rich mango with light blackcurrant that combines to create a fantastic fruit blend that’s great for all-day vapers.

  • Empire Brew Blackcurrant Ice

If the taste of fresh juicy blackcurrants paired with reinvigorating cool ice cubes sounds good to you, this product may be right up your street. The chiller comes separate from the main product, so you can easily go iceless if you’d prefer.

  • Empire Brew Mango Apricot

This ever-popular Empire Brew juice fuses tastebud-tingling ripe sweet mangoes with delicious, sweet apricots to deliver a truly blissful vaping experience. Perfect for those in need of something exotic.

  • Empire Brew Aloe Vera

Coming complete with an optional chiller, this product is based on a traditional Asian beverage. Perfect for those seeking a liquid that oozes freshness and cleanliness.

  • Empire Brew Passion Fruit

This delightfully tangy option has become incredibly popular amongst fruit-loving vapers in need of something tropical. Again, an optional chiller is included if you require an icy blast.

  • Empire Brew Apple Cucumber

Another great reason for exploring the wide range on offer from Empire Brew is that various exciting flavour combinations are on offer. Apple Cucumber has become one of the go-to vape juices for many customers in need of something refreshingly distinctive.

Many of these products are shortfill bottles – how do I use them?

Don’t worry – shortfill bottles are easy to use. Some of our customers want to go nic-free and therefore simply pour the e-liquid into their tanks straight from the bottle with no added nicotine. However, if you do want to add nicotine to the mix, there’s ample room for a nic shot or two. Some of our customers add nicotine to shortfill bottles because they are moving away from the world of cigarette smoking but still need to combat those nicotine cravings. You may wish to start by adding two nic shots to your bottles, before working your way down to one. You could then begin vaping with no nicotine at all if you wish.

What other flavours are available from Empire Brew?

The products we discussed above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the options on offer from Empire Brew. Some other leading flavours from the Empire Brew vape juice range include Blackcurrant Ice Nic Salt, Mango Lychee Nic Salt and Grappy Grape, to name but a few. We’re always on hand to help if you need more details about Empire Brew concentrate, Empire Brew nic salts are more.

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