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HIgh VG E-Liquid

Vegetable Glycerine e-liquid is very popular among'st e-smokers who prefer to produce more vapour and feel the enhanced potency of each hit. Furthermore, a higher VG makes for a better option in conjunction with certain flavours, silky aromas like cream, yoghurt or custard producing a thicker mouth sensation when juxtaposed with a VG percentage of 70 or higher.

A 50/50 balance of PG and VG is considered the standard nowadays, yet many e-smokers seek e-liquids with more VG into the mix despite the fact that such juices are more difficult to find. Our range of High VG liquids aims to provide e-smokers with a wide selection of flavours to satisfy any requirement in terms of flavour and vapour thrills. So, whether you’re an e-cigarette veteran or new to experiencing a high VG sensation, you’re bound to find fantastic choices with which to refill your device.