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Yankee Juice Co E-Liquid

The Yankee Juice Co e-liquid is manufactured by a British brand that’s based in Salford, Greater Manchester. The brand has built up an excellent reputation due to its affordable vape juices and diverse variety of rich flavours. Offering a catalogue that appeals to a wide range of tastes, it specialises in 50ml shortfills with enough capacity for a 10ml nic shot. Most Yankee Juice e-liquids have a 70% VG ratio. This makes them particularly ideal for sub-ohm vapers. Yankee sweets and Yankee desserts are amongst the most popular Yankee Juice Co flavours.

Some of the most popular Yankee Juice Co e-liquid products in our catalogue include the Toffee Caramel & Vanilla, Sherbet Lemons, Mango Berry and Blueberry & Raspberry. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the variety offered by Yankee Juice Co. There really is something for most vapers within the growing range of Yankee Juice Co flavours. Yankee sweets and Yankee dessert flavours are ideal for any vaper with a sweet tooth that wishes to replicate the flavour of their favourite treats.

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Common Questions about Yankee Juice.

What is the capacity of Yankee Juice Co bottles?

Most Yankee Juice Co flavours have a 50ml capacity, with 10ml of space being left for a nicotine shot should you require one.

What Yankee Juice Co flavours are most Popular?

We offer a substantial range of Yankee Juice Co e-liquid products. Find details about six of the biggest sellers below.

  • Toffee Caramel & Vanilla

This e-juice is designed to replicate the irresistible sensation offered by sticky caramel rolled in toffee with a tastebud-tingling dash of vanilla. As with most of these products, you can transform your 50mg nic-free bottle into 60ml of nicotine juice by adding a single nicotine shot.

  • Sherbet Lemons

This zesty offering from Yankee Juice Co provides a sharp taste sensation. This has become a very big seller amongst Next Day Vapes customers recently. Again, you can add an extra nic shot to turn it into a 60ml bottle of nic juice.

  • Mango Berry

Mango Berry is the ideal option for anyone seeking an exotic vaping experience, offering a fantastic blend of wild mixed berry and juicy mango flavourings.

  • Blueberry & Raspberry

Make your mouth water in style with the summery taste of Blueberry and Raspberry e-liquid from Yankee Juice Co. Add nic or go nic-free!

  • Raspberry & Strawberry

Yankee Juice Co offer a unique take on the classic raspberry and strawberry blend. Expect a glorious fusion of ripe raspberries and reassuringly sweet strawberry flavours.

  • Toffeenilla Ice Cream

As the name would suggest, this product delivers a flavour-packed explosion of sticky toffee and creamy vanilla. One of the most enduring Yankee desserts flavours.

Will vaping Yankee Juice Co vape juice help me cut down on real-life sweet treats?

If you have a sweet tooth and frequently find yourself craving products like desserts and confectionary items, Yankee Juice Co may help you reduce your cravings. There may be no guarantee that you won’t find yourself reaching for sugary treats, but may vapers do find they are doing so less frequently once they start vaping juices that replicate these flavours.

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