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Fantasi E-Liquid

Fall in love with the expansive array of Fantasi e-liquid supplied by Next Day Vapes. As well as being able to buy Fantasi vape juice online right here, you can also find other fantastic products from this brand with same day dispatch offered on all orders placed before 2pm.

As well as offering big hitters in many classic fruit flavours such as mango, orange and grape, there are also plenty of more in-your-face and outlandish Fantasi e-juice options to consider, such as lemonade and ice-inspired examples.

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Fantasi e-juice is big in the UK, but it is actually one of the growing numbers of vape brands to hail from Malaysia, along with other popular names such as Nasty Juice and Tasty Fruity. This really proves that Malaysian e-liquid makers are pushing the envelope with their innovative and more importantly delicious products.

With Fantasi nic salt or nic shots are needed, as most of its products contain 0mg of nicotine, allowing you to add your preferred concentration to forge your own bespoke vaping experience. This is common place across the shortfill e-liquid market at the moment, so take advantage of our speedy Fantasi e-liquid delivery service today.

Fantasi e-liquid FAQs

Can I buy Fantasi nic salt?

There are currently no Fantasi nic salt products offered by this brand, however salt nic shots can be combined with the shortfill Fantasi e-juice if you wish. Of course, if you want a zero-nicotine vaping experience then this is also entirely possible; it really is up to you!

Where is this brand from?

Imported from Malaysia but adhering to the strictest UK standards for quality and safety, all of this brand’s products are of very high-quality and will definitely set your senses tingling if you choose to vape with them.

Which are the best Fantasi e-liquid flavours?

Obviously, this is subjective, but the reason that the Fantasi vape juice brand has gained traction is that it has managed to somehow recreate the tastes and scents of classic fizzy drinks, but in vape form. It should be no surprise that its orange flavour is quite similar to that of Fanta, a soda brand loved by millions. Likewise, its lemonade, apple and grape flavoured products all do a great job of evoking the sweet tastes of pop from the past.

It is also worth noting that while its staple flavours are cool and have authentic fruit hits. Best of all, you can either buy top-ups of Fantasi e-juice here at Next Day Vapes or combine Fantasi vape juice with an order that also contains other vape accessories.

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