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Lolly Vape Co E-Liquid

At Next Day Vapes, we’re incredibly proud to be one of the UK’s primary sources of Lolly Vape Co e-liquid. If you have a sweet tooth and are interested in vaping classic flavours from your childhood, Lolly Vape Co e-liquid could be right up your street.

Lolly Vape’s e-juice catalogue includes flavours like lime and cream, bubblegum, ice cream, raspberries, and strawberries. Once you get started with Lolly Vape Co e-liquid including Lolly Vape Cosmos Sours and Pops from Lolly Vape Co, you may even find yourself reaching for the freezer and snack drawer much less frequently.

You have multiple options available when it comes to Lolly Vape Co e-liquid, and these include shortfill bottles that you can easily add nic shots to alongside 10ml bottles that already have nicotine packed into them. Whether you need nicotine or want to go nic-free, you should be very well catered for by Lolly Vape. What’s more, is that you can get your hands on your Lolly Vape e-liquid including Lolly Vape Cosmos Sours the very next day if you order before 2pm on a weekday.

Lolly Vape FAQs

Q) Lolly Vape sounds like a very exciting brand offering a whole host of classic sweet flavours, but what are their most popular e-liquids?

  • Fab-Ulous by Lolly Vape

This big-selling Lolly Vape e-juice is packed with strawberry, fruit ice and chocolate flavours. This enduring option is just as delicious as it sounds.

  • Split It by Lolly Vape

Comparable to Solero ice lollies, Split It is ideal for those seeking a creamy fruit vape. Blending invigorating orange with gorgeous creamy tones, it’s no surprise to such high demand for this distinctive e-juice.

  • Screw It on Ice by Lolly Vape

Screw It On Ice offers a tremendous fusion of soft ice cream with raspberry sauce. This On Ice version of Screw It is perfect for anyone in need of a cold, refreshing fruity blast.

  • Pops Fun Dream by Lolly Vape

Pops Fun Dream delivers an awesome blend of smooth rhubarb and custard which has left discerning vapers replenishing their stocks of it time and time again.

  • Rock It on Ice by Lolly Vape

Rock It On Ice is an Arctic take on Lolly Vape’s popular raspberry, lime, and strawberry mix. These flavours have been blended to perfection to create a vape you’ll return to time and time again.

  • Pops Jolly Tots by Lolly Vape

This joyous Lolly Vapes offering is almost guaranteed to get your tastebuds tingling, fusing three exceptionally juicy fruits together to create a glorious all-day vape. Expect these flavours to transport you right back to your more carefree days. Jolly Tots Pops from Lolly Vape Co have become very popular recently.

Q) I want to add nic shots to my shortfill bottle. Is this a complex process?

Not at all. Simply open up your shortfill bottle and pour up to two nic shots into it. You’ll then need to shake the bottle and leave the juices an hour to steep. You can then pour the liquid into your tank and get vaping.

Q) I want to vape Lolly Vape e-liquid without nicotine, will this be a satisfying experience?

Many people vape Lolly Vape e-liquid without nicotine. In fact, a considerable number of our customers have weaned themselves off nicotine altogether by gradually reducing the amount of it they add to their shortfill bottles whilst still enjoying a hugely fulfilling vape experience. Vaping has proved to be a highly effective way of quitting smoking and removing nicotine from people’s lives.

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