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Uncles Vape Co E-Liquid

While plenty of vape brands veer towards the wild and whacky end of the spectrum in terms of branding, Uncles Vape Co e-liquid is trying something different, with a vibe that harks back to the wholesome marketing tactics used in the mid-20th century.

The good news for flavour fans is that just because Uncles Vape Co vape juice is more traditional in its branding, that does not mean that it holds back in terms of the innovativeness or quality of the products it brings to the table in the 21st century.

Manufactured in the UK, order Uncles Vape Co e-liquid online and enjoy a cavalcade of delicious, fruity flavours. From lychee and passion fruit to grape soda and banana milkshake, there are compelling combos out there that range from the cool and frosty to the rich and creamy, all under the same brand umbrella.

It is also worth noting that the vast majority of the Uncles Vape Co vape juice we supply is provided in 60ml shortfill bottles, with 50ml of e-liquid and an extra 10ml of space so that you can add nic shots.

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Common Questions about Uncles Vape Juice.

What is the VG/PG ratio of Uncles Vape Co e-juices?

Because this is very much a flavour-focused vape brand, you can expect that the typical balance in the products will be 70% VG against 30% PG. This ratio not only affords an increase in deliciousness compared with some other e-juices, but also means that denser, more voluminous vapour clouds will be produced with each puff, which is obviously relevant if you are aiming to execute vaping tricks, or if you just like the look of the fluffy white clouds it produces.

The impressive VG percentage also means that it is definitely worth checking out the different flavours that this brand has to offer. Its sweet-themed examples are especially popular, with slush and lime ice flavour being especially sought-after, so act quickly if you see them in stock!

Who makes Uncles Vape Co e-juice?

Although an established brand in its own right, and one which sounds like it hails from across the pond, the brand is actually created entirely in the UK courtesy of Nicohit, a successful e-juice manufacturer that has been going since 2012.

Aside from the advantage of being able to support a home-grown vape brand by buying Uncles Vape Co e-liquid, another perk is that you can be completely confident in the safety and quality of these products, as they are made to comply with the stipulations of the Tobacco Products Directive. That said, all of the e-juice options in this range contain 0mg of nicotine, so the main thing to consider is the flavour profiles.

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