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Fcukin Flava E-Liquid

Fcukin Flava e-liquid is a well-known global e-liquid brand, with a distinctive name that has a wide variety of vape juice flavours to select from. Founded in Malaysia in 2014, Fcukin Flava has become a popular brand around the world and have an enthusiastic customer base who love to buy Fcukin Flava concentrates for their vaping needs.

Rather than market Fcukin Flava e-liquid, the brand promotes their range as “Premium Crafted Liquid”. This is due to the high-quality of ingredients used which they import from the US. These ingredients enable them to deliver the quality and taste that customers have learned to expect from Fcukin Flava concentrate.

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Choose Next Day Vapes when you want to buy Fcukin Flava e-liquid

Look nowhere else than Next Day Vapes when you want to buy Fcukin Flava vape juice. We always have a range of flavours available from this company, the brand specialises in fruit flavours such as pineapple, strawberry, grapes, mango, and others too. Do not forget to look out for the hard-hitting grape and blackcurrant flavour, which grabs you by the throat!

As with all orders placed on the Next Day Vapes website, for orders placed before 2pm on a weekday, Next Day Vapes commit to dispatch your goods on the same day.

Fcukin Flava FAQs

Q) What VG/PG mixes are available for Fcukin Flava?

A) All Fcukin Flava e-liquids we sell have a 70% VG, 30% PG mix. This means the emphasis is on a higher VG (Vegetable Glycerine content), this mix is especially idea for vapers that love:

  • Lower “throat hit” – there is less of a “throat hit”, i.e., they feel less like traditional cigarettes. Therefore, typically high VG content suits longer-term vapers more than newcomers attempting to quit smoking. Fcukin Flava’s Frosty Hacks actually manages to still deliver the “throat hit” though even with the high VG! So, why not give this flavour a try?
  • Milder taste – higher VG mixes have a milder and less intense taste, this suits some vapers
  • Thicker consistency – high VG mixes have a thicker consistency and run less than higher PG mixes
  • Visible vapour clouds – use a higher VG mix for larger and more visible vapour clouds

Learn more on VG/PG mixing in our article VG and PG e-liquids a beginner’s guide.

Q) Are Fcukin Flava e-juices supplied with nicotine?

A) All Fcukin Flava e-juices are supplied as 0mg and 50ml. Therefore, as the e-liquid is supplied as 0mg there is no nicotine. To add nicotine simply add one nicotine shot to any of the flavours and you will have 3mg of nicotine and 60ml.

Q) How long has Fcukin Flava e-liquid been available?

A) Founded in Malaysia, Fcukin Flava has been a leading provider of e-liquids since it was founded in 2014. Since then they have spread to become a popular e-liquid brand around the world, including in the UK.

Q) What are the most popular Fcukin Flava vape juice flavours?

A) We have nine flavours available on the Next Day vapes website for Fcukin Flava vaping, these are:

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